Dementia Clock


  • Desk Clocks
  • Calendar Alarm Clock
  • Digital, Electronic
  • 5 Colors Changing LED


SOS Connect introduces a remarkable solution for the elderly with its Digital Desk Clocks Calendars Set. Designed specifically for individuals with dementia, this innovative clock system serves as a reliable time reminder and a valuable tool for maintaining daily routines. With its clear display and intuitive interface, the clock helps seniors stay oriented by prominently showcasing the time, day, date, and even personalized reminders.

Featuring a user-friendly design, the Dementia Clock prioritizes simplicity and functionality. Its large, easy-to-read numbers and letters ensure optimal visibility, while its customizable reminders can be set to alert users for medication, appointments, or other important events. With SOS Connect’s Digital Desk Clocks Calendars Set, the elderly can regain a sense of independence and confidence, enabling them to navigate their daily lives with greater ease and peace of mind.