SOS Connect Smoke Sensors




  • Battery-Powered Optical Smoke Detector
  • Single Low Battery Indicator
  • Convenient Test Button with Red LED Indicator
  • Reliable Solid Connections and Included Battery
  • Approved by VDS, CE-CPD, and EN14604
  • Loud alarm: ≥85db/3m
  • Compact size: 101×34mm (diameter)

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SOS Connect is an innovative safety device designed to provide immediate assistance during emergencies. Utilizing advanced technology, it combines various components to ensure rapid response and effective communication. The device integrates a robust signal processing system and an alarm circuit, enabling it to accurately identify distress signals and promptly trigger alarms. By analyzing the signals received from its sensors, SOS Connect can detect critical situations such as fires, intrusions, or medical emergencies, allowing for swift action and potential life-saving measures.

One of the key features of SOS Connect is its photoelectric system, which plays a crucial role in detecting hazards. When smoke, generated by the early stages of a fire, enters the detector’s darkroom, the infrared light scatters on the smoke’s surface. This scattered light is then captured by a photoelectric diode, generating a photoelectric signal current. The identification circuit processes this signal, and upon detection of a potential threat, the alarm circuit is activated, promptly alerting users to the danger. With its reliable and efficient design, SOS Connect provides peace of mind and an added layer of safety for both residential and commercial environments.